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Here at Kauai Kitty Rescue there are many ways you can help. We are always looking for help with fostering kittens, helping to find homes for them, and with cat rescues.

At remote places like Hanakapi'ai beach, feral cats contnue to breed and grow up in the harshest possible environments. Their lives are short and incredibly rough.

If you are interested in helping resuce some of the cats there, so that they can be spayed/neutered and ultimately adopted, please contact us. if you are interested in helping to foster or adopt kitties, please contact us as well.

Judy Dalton is the contact person in Kaua'i and her email address is judydalton123@gmail.com.

Kauai Kitty Rescue exists because people like Judy have devoted countless hours to helping rescue and find homes for cats all over the island of Kaua'i. Judy and the rest of us simply love cats, and when we are able to help feral cats on the island, and find homes for them, it's a special feeling. We hope that you will join us and lend a bit of your time in helping the beautiful and sweet cats of Kaua'i.

Judy Dalton
Kauai Kitty Rescue
Tel: (808) 246-9067
Email: judydalton123@gmail.com
Website: www.kauaikittyrescue.org

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