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5 Kitties at Hanakapiai Beach

A couple hiking into Hanakapiai Falls last week came across several beautiful and friendly kitties at the Hanakapiai Beach and fell in love with one of them. They decided they wanted to bring it back to California with them so they drove into Lihue and bought a soft-sided carrier that they could put the kitty in and hike out with, and use to fly it back.

That happened on Friday when I was contacted to see if it could be kept somewhere until their flight left. I happily volunteered to take care of it. If it was anything like the Hanakapiai Beach kitty that I harbored at my place while another kitty was being brought out. It was friendly but a bit timid because it had never been inside a building before. It had only known wide open space on a remote and pristine beach along Na Pali Trail. The next morning, when I came into the bathroom where I was keeping it, it didn't take long at all for it to hop up on my lap, start purring and sweetly rubbing up against my cheeks.

The couple told me about another kitty that had been at the same spot where they got their kitty that a couple had become so enamored with that they decided they wanted to take it out right away. They started out with in their back pack but when it wiggled out, they lured it back and decided to carry it. So, the woman hiked along the rough trail with the kitty clutched to her chest all the way to Ke'e Beach and to their car.

The only problem was, the woman couldn't take the kitty back to California with her since she wasn't able to get a health certificate in time before their flight departed. So, she took the kitty to the Humane Society, hoping they could find a home for it. When I heard the story on Saturday I rushed to the Humane Society to try to locate this amazing kitty that would allow itself to be carried along a trail that was strange and unfamiliar, trusting the woman and being uncharacteristically calm for a cat. (I'm lucky if my cats will let them carry them from one room to the next.

When I got to Humane Society I asked if a cat was brought in June 24 or 25 from Hanakapiai Beach. The receptionist said no, but they had one from Ke'e Beach. I said that's probably the one. I then asked if she could call the woman who'd brought the kitty in if she had been hiking in with a man called "Jay", since that was the only name that the couple who'd met them knew. She said, yes! I gave her a gleeful, thumbs up and she then proceeded to ask the next question and that is whether they would like the kitty to fly back with the couple they'd met at the beach who was flying with the kitty's brother to Sacramento on Monday.

She paid to adopt the kitty from the Humane Society over the phone and the next thing that need to happen quickly was to take it to a vet for a health certificate right away for the flight leaving in just 2 more days. I drove up to Kilauea, got the health check done and brought the kitty to my condo where its brother was. This latest temporary resident in my bathroom immediately hopped up on my lap when I sat down and started giving me kitty kisses and purring like crazy. I'd come to discover, with this being the 3rd Hanakapiai Beach kitty rescue that all the cats were very mellow and trusting and exceptionally sweet and affectionate.

Later that evening both kitties hopped up on my lap, snuggled up in a purring duet. I felt so privileged to experience the abundant love these two brothers have to give.

The couple flying to California came early Monday morning to pick up the two brothers and flew off with the carriers at their feet. The woman who'd adopted the other kitty drove 2 hours to meet her kitty at the airport, making three of the amazing Hanakapiai kitties that are fortunate to have found homes in California.

Here's a video of some of the kitties at Hanakapiai Beach which includes the 2 black ones, leaving 3 behind that need homes.


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5 Kitties at Hanakapiai Beach

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