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Welcome to the Kauai Kitty Rescue "Rescue Stories" section. We've assisted many hikers with their rescues of cats from Hanakapiai Beach including placement in homes and caretaker colonies on Kauai.

We can provide cat carriers and information for the hike out from the beach, as well as arranging for the cats' ongoing care.

Please visit our How to Help page for more information about ways that you can help the kitties of Hanakapiai Beach.

How To Help

5 Kitties at Hanakapiai Beach
A couple hiking into Hanakapiai Falls last week came across several beautiful and friendly kitties at the Hanakapiai Beach and fell in love with one of them. They decided they wanted to bring it back to California with them so they drove into Lihue and bought a soft-sided carrier that they could put the kitty in and hike out with, and use to fly it back.

5 Kitties At Hanakapiai Beach

Hana's Story
When my wife and i first visited Kaua'i in 2011, we did the Hanakapia'i Beach hike for the first time. Hanakapia'i Beach is a two mile hike from the nearest parking area, so it's very isolated and beautiful, you can also get to waterfalls if you continue on. When we arrived at the beach after the two mile trek, we were shocked to discover at least 5 feral cats living there. They did not look very healthy, and were clearly starving. We gave them our sandwiches, but afterwards we had a disturbed feeling and wished that there was more we could do.

Hana's Story

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